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x] LJ sn: lilwangstax0x
[x] Real name (optional) : monique
[x] Fav. Mean Girls Character: reginas little sister
[x] School Genre (highskul, junior high, ect.: highschool
[x] Age: 17
What Is Your Favorite...:
[x] Animal:: liger
[x] Theme Park:: six flags
[x] Radio Station:: 79787bcg
[x] Song:: i like that
[x] Article Of Clothing:: my mini
[x] Movie:: mean girls duhhhhhhhh
[x] Candy:: dark choco m&m's
[x] Ice Cream Flavor:: superman
UnRelevant But Who Cares!:
[x] What Is Your Favorite Type Of Book:: mystery
[x] Do You Own A Chicken:: heck yess
[x] Do You Have Any Pets:: my chicken
[x] Do You Own A Calender:: duhhh
[x] Do You Like Horror Films:: who doesnt
And Last But Not Least:
[x] Do You Like The Gossip Girl Novels: yessss
[x] If So Check Out My Other Community blairserena_gg
[x] Why Do You Wanna Join This Community: it seems really cool! =D
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